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Facilitates a rapid change in microbial populations necessary for adjusting to a lactation diet.

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Reinforces gut barrier integrity reducing inflammation and more productive utilization of nutrients.

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Maximizes peak milk production and lactation performance due to a healthy start.

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Optimizes healthy and body condition to support reproductive potential.

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Elevates cow welfare supporting productivity, longevity and environmental stewardship.

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A successful and profitable lactation for today’s cow requires the strongest start possible. Cows beginning lactation experience a lot of challenge and change… change in diet, housing, management routine and more. Physiologic challenges such as metabolic issues can derail the beginning of lactation and have a negative impact throughout. Many dairy owners have come to accept these challenges over the years as part of the “process” of cows entering the lactating herd. We believe it’s time to go “Beyond the Accepted”.

More than addressing just one or two metabolic issues for newly lactating cows, PREP305 optimizes cow preparedness for entering a new diet, environment, and routine to achieve peak performance. This is accomplished through the YMCP family of products. YMCP initiates the optimal physiological status of the cow by providing a specific blend of nutrients necessary for a healthy and productive 305 days. Timely delivery of YMCP can positively impact the rumen microbiome, immunity, lactation and reproduction… all key indicators of optimal productivity. Whats more, PREP305 provides veterinarians and producers with a sustainable early lactation program utilizing non-pharma YMCP products.

PREP305 goes beyond the typical convention of single product solutions with limited outcomes. It is designed around the cow to ensure her needs are met for a productive and profitable lactation. PREP305 is your solution for going Beyond the Accepted.

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The most nutrient-complete line of products for preparing your cows for lactation.

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