Calf Protocols

Series of 4 protocols to help the challenged calf thrive.

Target specific calf issues with science-designed products for better results.

Scouring Calf Protocol logo


Providing fluids and supplementing with high quality electrolytes, and energy sources will help calves through periods of diarrhea. In addition, it is critical to fight the diarrhea causing agents and return the gut environment to better stability.

Newborn/Weak Calf Protocol logo


Calving difficulty, cold or extreme weather conditions, disease, or management changes can result in a calf needing an extra boost in energy to help them return to normal function and appetite.

Transported Calf Protocol logo


Time away from feed and water can significantly affect calf health. Ensuring hydration and maintaining gut integrity before and after transport will help the calf thrive in any environment.

Weaning Calf Protocol logo


Weaning is a stressful time that causes nutrient disruption as calves are transitioned to different diets in new environments. Our protocol is designed to support digestive integrity surrounding weaning. 

Products in this protocol:

Each protocol is designed for the specific stress events calves go through.

Calf Protocols

Calves encounter metabolic and digestive issues as they change environments, make the transition off a milk diet, and experience other stress events. We offer the calf raiser supplementation programs addressing these specific challenges that are designed to help calves thrive.

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Quick Benefits

  • Botanical extract – oregano, helps to clean gut of microbes which cause scouring & diarrhea
  • Fermentation extracts & cell wall materials of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is a specialized yeast that creates a healthy digestive environment and limit potential impact of pathogens
  • Bacillus bacteria enhances weight gain through better gastroinestinal health