Weaning Support Calf Protocol

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Step 1: Provide electrolytes to help maintain hydration status

Weaning presents a series of metabolic, hydration and digestive challenges. BlueLite® Transition Pellets provide electrolytes with multiple energy sources formulated to rehydrate the stressed calf and promote a healthy digestive environment. The convenient pellet form simplifies feeding to large groups of calves.

Protocol Use:

Top dress 50 grams of BlueLite Transition Pellets per head per day in feed for five days following weaning.

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Step 2: Daily DFMs for improved gut integrity

Weaning causes stress that impairs feed intake which can kill beneficial rumen bacteria and damage rumen papillae. Calf PreRD provides a source of antioxidants, probiotics (DFM), MOS, and Vitamins B and E to increase appetite and support the microbiome of the digestive tract. The result is improved gut integrity and a more desirable digestive environment for utilizing feed nutrients. Calf PreRD helps make every bite count.

Protocol Use:

Mix to supply 4 grams per head per day into grain mix for the first five to ten days following weaning.

Quick Benefits

  • Botanical extract – oregano, helps to clean gut of microbes which cause scouring & diarrhea
  • Fermentation extracts & cell wall materials of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is a specialized yeast that creates a healthy digestive environment and limit potential impact of pathogens
  • Bacillus bacteria enhances weight gain through better gastroinestinal health