Transported Calf Protocol

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Step 1: Rehydration and promotion of gut restoration

BlueLite C Hydra Tabs® is a convenient, effervescent electrolyte table with multiple readily digestible energy sources and electrolytes in a fast-acting form that requires no stirring.

Protocol Use:

Dissolve 1 tablet in 1 liter of warm water (37°C). Provide 2-3 times daily until recovery. Mixed solution should be used within 24 hours.

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Bovine BlueLite® powder is very palatable, buffered, and provides added energy sources and vitamins necessary to help recover from dehydration.

Protocol Use:

Use Bovine BlueLite powder dissolved in drinking water 2 days prior, through transportation and 2 days after. Use 20g per day in youngstock and 40g in mature cattle.

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Step 2: Daily DFMs for improved gut integrity

Starter and arrival diets are highly fortified but nutrient absorption is impaired when the microbes in the digestive system have been depleted. Calf PreRD® provides a source of antioxidants, probiotics (DFM), MOS, and Vitamins B and E to improve appetite, gut integrity and maintain a more desirable digestive environment for nutrient utilization. Calf PreRD helps make every bite count.

Protocol Use:

Starting two days prior to transport, feed 4 grams per calf per day in milk, milk replacer or water. Continue for seven days after arrival.

Quick Benefits

  • Botanical extract – oregano, helps to clean gut of microbes which cause scouring & diarrhea
  • Fermentation extracts & cell wall materials of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is a specialized yeast that creates a healthy digestive environment and limit potential impact of pathogens
  • Bacillus bacteria enhances weight gain through better gastroinestinal health