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For over 40 years, Nutribio has been the number one provider of livestock health and nutrition solutions in Ireland. We are committed to delivering solutions that improve the health and wellness of ruminants resulting in performance improvements in dairy, beef and sheep farm enterprises.

We focus on identifying key issues/problems that affect both current and potential customers and on designing solutions/programs to overcome these.





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Address: Tivoli Industrial Estate,
Cork, Ireland

Phone: +353 21 450 7303






Vision Farming

Vision farming was set up in November 2020 by Gardiner Grain and Tommy Heffernan. Stephen Gardiner a young third generation Agri-merchant and veterinary consultant Tommy Heffernan sat down to discuss the future of agriculture.  

They both realised there are big challenges ahead and both had visions of creating some solutions.  When they realised those visions were similar they began thinking about what this future might look like. Both of them realised their was huge synergies in what they wanted to do. They also wanted to take innovative approaches to product offerings, training and the future of farming.

Vision farming has a digital training platform as well as online agri-shop. The products will be unique in that each one will have a QR code helping customers with knowledge that will lead to the best use of products.





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Address: Ireland

Phone: +086 170 2414